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Who We Are

We are a Christian football team providing opportunities for homeschool students at the middle and high school levels in the Lincoln, NE area, to participate and compete in flag football.



The mission of the Lincoln Falcons Football team is to bring glory to God by providing an opportunity for homeschool students to develop Christian character and athletic skills while participating in a competitive flag football program under Christian leadership.

Philosophy of Athletics

We believe participation in competitive athletics can play an important part in the physical and spiritual growth of young men. We endeavor to create an environment that teaches the value of hard work, discipline and determination, respect for others, handling adversity, and honoring God. We work to have our culture contribute to good character development, good sportsmanship, and the development of God-given talents and abilities. We expect our players and coaches to work hard, enjoy the competition, respect each other and their opponents, and honor Christ in all they do. Because we participate in a competitive league, winning is one of our goals. However, we believe that God cares far more about how we compete and how we respond to winning and losing than about the outcome of the competition. We believe it honors God to compete with maximum effort and then to demonstrate humility in winning and respect for the opponent in losing. We call upon our coaches and players to dedicate themselves to these goals.

Academic Qualifications

  1.  A player must be registered as a homeschooler with the State of Nebraska via Rule 13 ( if 17 years old or younger as of August 1st), classifying at least 50% of their academic work for the current/upcoming school year as homeschooled.

  2. A player must be living at home with a parent or guardian during the season.

  3. A player is ineligible if they have gone through a homeschool, public school, or private school high school graduation ceremony prior to the season’s first game ( or presented a diploma from any of the above schools ).

  4. At a minimum, a player must be passing all courses in order to participate in a game or tournament. However, it is understood that the parent(s) has full authority to administrate their homeschool as they are led by God including holding their child out of practices and/or games due to any academic issues the parent deems necessary.

  5. In performing the role of administrator for their homeschool, the player’s parent is solely responsible for determining the academic standing of their player and is responsible to communicate any information needed to the coaching staff and/or Falcons Board.

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